FS150 Digital Control Hi-speed Carry Handle Tape Spooling Machine

, Slitting for carry handle tapes and special material
, Servo driving system
, Circle knife sliting
, Center rewinding mode
, Spooling rewinding mode
, Self diagnosis
, Remote diagnosis and services
, Separated tension control system
, Independent rewinding unit for each rewinding roll
, Cantilever air shaft for rewinding
, Rell rewinding mode
, Fully online transection lamination slitting
, Maintenance information on touch screen

, Width of working face: 300mm(max)
, Diameter of unwinding: φ500mm
, Thickness of material: 200-2000μm(max)
, Diameter of rewinding: 300mm(max)
, Working speed: 150m/min(max)
, Width of slitting: 1mm(min)